Rails 7 is coming to town and it brings encryption for our table columns.

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What is Encryption and Why do We Encrypt

Mechanical keyboards’ customization options are endless. From the keycaps to the cable, here is everything I learned from assembling my own mechanical keyboard.

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  • Full
  • TKL
  • Compact

A Full keyboard is the most standard size available to purchase in stores. …

Online freelancing paid me a net income of $4,659.09 in 22 months.
It wasn’t much, right?! Then, why do I have this “I was successful” feeling?


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For starters, this was just a side hustle. I was a university student in the last 2 years of my Master’s degree and lived with my parents.

So, the money I made was entirely for my own things and purposes. And, let me tell you, it felt really damn good to have a taste of independence! Thanks, dad. Thanks, mom.

Moreover, although I’ve said 22 months, I’ve made $2,709.58 (net income) in my first…

Address the reader’s needs in the simplest way!

That’s it, I could stop now and publish this post already. There is no big secret to write great documentation, that’s all you have to do.

Then, why are there so many poor docs that make you fall asleep, skip them or lose focus? I’ll tell you why. It’s because:

  • we’re lazy
  • we’re writing for ourselves
  • documentation isn’t properly structured
  • the writing doesn’t sound natural
  • documentation is longer than needed

As engineers at XING we have to deal with technical documentation every day. Both reading and writing. …

Have you ever had a boss asking you when something will be ready? A co-worker depending on your code? Wondered when you’ll be able to pick the next item in the backlog?

Yes?! Then you got yourself a reason for estimating your tasks.

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What’s an estimate?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an estimate is:

a guess of what the size, value, amount, cost, etc. of something might be

It’s a guess! Not a commitment, not a guarantee and, surely, not even a promise! It’s an attempt, a hunch, a gamble.



Once upon a time, developing an app would start with a good old int main(int argc, char *argv[]) function that would call a myriad of other functions in order to achieve its purpose.

As businesses around the world grew more and more complex, the amount of operations required to implement their logic reached humanly unbearable sizes.

That’s when congratulations are in order, it’s a monolith.

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